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Roots - A Poem

Like the branch that had been ripped away too soon

Thrown out with the storm of life

My roots were lost to the wind the day you left

I tried to bury the essence deep

Never forgetting, keeping your image burned on the inside of my eyelids

Like a scar I never wanted to be rid of

30 years on I look for you in every female face I see

Every colour, every creed

I search for the eyes that say

‘I know you child’

I carry you with every step, every thought, with every waking moment

At night, when the darkness folds over me like a blanket

My mind tells me you are here again.

The word ‘mother’ slipping from my lips like an ancient incantation

Willing you into my world again

Your roots are strong, they curl around my heart

Keeping me safe

I will hold onto them tight,

Watch, wait for you, as the lines crease my eyes

And the grace of age flows over my face



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