London - A Poem

This has been rolling around in my head for some time! Inspired by many things.

Lady Adventurer's #LovingLondon series - - The Olympics, The Paralympics, Occupy Movement, our shite government, The Pussy Riot Case. And most of all my love of London and the freedom of speech that we all have living in it.



I hold you all to me

The fat cats with their bankers bonuses

The disenfranchised youths with their eyes on a nonexistent future.

The sick, disabled, frail and elderly

The unemployed. The entrepreneurs

The inspirational and the inspired

I hold you all to me

I let you vote for ridiculous politicians that are making the rich richer, and the poor bereft

I let you vote for those who think they are rocks stars and still believe in a united Britain.

I let you Occupy me

My streets, my parks, my cathedral

I let you say what you want about our monarchy and government, without fear of imprisonment or death.

I let you riot in my streets, and then watch as you pick each other up again

You have come from all four corners of the globe

To fill my streets with your cultures and beliefs.

You make me what I am

My wall has no boundaries.

I breathe you all in.

I hold you all to me

In our differences we are united

Because I am unlike anywhere else in the world

I am London

And you are all mine.

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