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May 4th 2018

Hanif Kureishi: Follow The Pleasure


"One night, when I am old, sick, right out of semen, and don’t need things to get worse, I hear the noises again.”

So begins Hanif Kureishi’s latest novel, The Nothing. Kureishi has always been one for hard hitting (sometimes provocative) first sentences – and this particular line is emblazoned on the dust cover for the hardback, which makes for some interesting looks on a crowded train. The Nothing is Kureishi’s eighth novel, and it brings him back to the wickedness and dark humour that he has long been known for.

Down a quiet, leafy street in West London, Kureishi opens his front door wearing a jumper, tracksuit bottoms and slippers. “Hello darling!” He looks like a favourite university professor that has been caught mid-scribe, which is probably not far from the truth, as he still teaches creative writing at Kingston University. Warm and effusive, he ushers me into the kitchen. There are stacks of books lined up against the walls – neatly, but ten or so to a stack. The kitchen table is also covered in books and papers, recently moved aside to make space. In the living room there are two immaculate acoustic guitars sitting on stands (I assume his sons must play)

Photo Credit: Kier Kureishi

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